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and the
Fire Protection Varnish System K1 / K2
the new additions to our 2004 fire protection product range.
All of our products will be introduced with plenty of illustrative material at the

Stage Technology Conference in Mainz
Congress Centre / Stand 93
from 17 19 June 2004
and at the Show Tech in Berlin,
Exhibition Centre 01 03 June 2005.

We would be happy to reserve a date for a talk with you and to provide you with admission tickets.If you are experiencing problems with fireproofing your materials, we would be very interested to view your samples.We are looking forward to your visit.

P a i n t s burn - but we have got something
to prevent this from happening -

- C O L O R I M P ® -

Special tip:

Paints to which COLORIMP has been added ensure that e.g. Tyvek papers / fabrics, fabrics and decorative accessories are flame retardant, even if the flammable base to which they have been applied has not been treated with a flame retardant agent..

therefore :

Before starting on a project and then having to embark on flame proofing decorative accessories afterwards – ask us for information. .