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The AISCO-polyadhesives HVT and NVT have been developed in close cooperation with __ selected theatre workshops. The AISCO-polyadhesives HVT and NVT are universally applicable, transparent, mat drying dispersion bonding agents with a high solid matter content and high viscosity which have been developed especially for a universal application in the theatre environment. They are solvent-free and odourless bonding agents. These non-hazardous materials have not revealed any sensitizing detrimental effects, even in long-term tests. The high degree of purity of the polymer dispersion without monomer percentage guarantees danger-free handling. They are designed especially for a multitude of bonding operations even with a large number of bases / materials which are difficult to bond, e.g.

textiles on textiles, wood, aluminium, paper, cardboard or similar without showing through

  • Aluminium / steel sheet-metal on plywood (bonding in wet state and pressing) POLYBONDING AGENT HVT
  • Paper, polypropylene, polyethylene Paper or cardboard acetate foil or PVC - aluminium - PVC - PE
  • PP - PVC-acetate foil
  • Bonding on sheet metal
  • Bonding on varnished surfaces
  • TYVEK-materials and paper